30 Minutes of Torment

Now in 30MOT, it’s a reality show where a stud is put through hell for 30 minutes and see if he can blow his load after that. It’s corporal punishment at it’s purest. I rather call it corporal challenge than corporal punishment, since the participant is not being discipline for anything. 30MOT is a test to see how well a person’s mind, body and spirit can hold up. At this early stage of 30MOT, I like to start by testing the participant’s body. As time goes on and as the site evolves, we will play with the mind and spirit.

I created 10 tormnent stations for this site. We will use 3 stations per update:
The Wall – Chained to the wall, punching, smacking, flogging
The Pit – Chained to the floor, flogging, cropping, clothes pins, forceps, clover clamps
The Water Chamber – water element, hose, tank etc
The Bamboo Garden – bamboo bondage, tatami mat, caning,
The Chair – bondage chair, cock and balls torture, balls crusher
The Pipe Room – fucksaw, metal bondage, black clamps
The Cross – vertical cross, horizontal cross, single tail, flogging
The Gimp Room – chains in the ceiling, sex torment with a gimp, ass hook
The Padded Cell – tossing, punching, wrestling holds, paddle, straightjacket, manhandle
The Electric Chamber – Electricity, electric chair, cattle prod, zapper,

30 Minutes of Torment

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